T20 summary for 2017-18

  1. 20 overs per side.
  2. 1 hr 15 minutes playing time per innings. Penalties apply for slow play
  3. 5 overs minimum to constitute a match.
  4. 10 minute break between innings
  5. Balls shall be two [2] piece leather. The weight of the ball shall be 156g
  6. 4 overs maximum per bowler. Fewer when time is lost.
  7. Fielding restrictions apply for first 6 overs. Fewer when time is lost.
  8. One fast, short pitched ball allowed per over
  9. One Day wides apply
  10. Free hit after a foot fault No Ball
  11. Tie in a final decided by one over Eliminator
  12. Home team is responsible for covers
  13. Captains must complete an umpire’s match report at the end of a match
  14. Results entered into MyCricket by 6pm on Sunday after a match
  15. The TCI Code of Conduct applies to all players, officials and administrators

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