Reserve Grade summary for 2017-18

  1. Competition is played on Saturdays, and includes two day, two innings matches and One Day matches
  2. Top three teams make the finals. Teams 2 and 3 compete to play Team 1 in the final. 
  3. Balls shall be two [2] piece red leather. The weight of the ball shall be 156g
  4. Minimum overs per day – 80, 96 in finals. Penalties apply for slow play
  5. Changes in overs due are calculated at 3.75 minutes per over
  6. Matches can be extended by up to an hour if time has been lost
  7. Replacement players can be named prior to matches
  8. Home team is responsible for covers
  9. Captains must complete an umpire’s match report at the end of a match.
  10. Results entered into MyCricket by 9pm on Tuesday after a match.
  11. The TCI Code of Behaviour applies to all players, officials and administrators.

Two innings matches

  1. Two innings matches start at 12.30pm, and finish at 6.00pm. Lunch break is 2.30pm to 3.00pm. Finals start at 10am.
  2. Follow-on allowed with a 100 run lead.
  3. Points are awarded for wins, draws and ties. Incentive points are earned for every run and wicket.
  4. Two fast, short pitched balls allowed per over
  5. Matches with less than 15 overs play on day 1 convert to ‘unscheduled’ One Day matches on day 2.

One Day matches

  1. One Day matches are 40 overs per side, start at 12.30pm, and finish by 6.00pm. Lunch break is 30 minutes after the first innings.
  2. 15 overs per side minimum to constitute a game.
  3. Maximum of 8 overs per bowler. Fewer when time is lost.
  4. Fielding restrictions apply
  5. One fast, short pitched ball allowed per over
  6. One Day wides apply
  7. Free hit after all No Balls
  8. Points for wins, ties and abandoned matches. Bonus points are awarded for winning with a run-rate 1.25 times that of the opposition. An extra bonus point is earned for winning with a run-rate 2 times that of the opposition.

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