Playing the game

This section includes the playing conditions specific to playing cricket. It includes the laws of cricket.

Senior Grade – Two day matches

Over rates

Changes of hours due to suspensions of play

Senior Grade – One Innings matches

Number of overs per bowler – One innings matches

Fielding restrictions – One innings matches

Calculation of Target Scores

T20 specific regulations

Bowling injury prevention

Health and Safety for Juniors

Junior Grade matches

Player’s dress

Laws of Cricket

The following set of Laws have amendments to suit the circumstances of cricket in Townsville.

Law 1 (The players)

Law 2 (Substitutes and runners; batsman or fielder leaving the field; batsman retiring; batsman commencing innings)

Law 3 (The umpires)

Law 5 (The ball)

Law 7 (The pitch)

Law 9 (The bowling, popping and return creases)

Law 10 (Preparation and maintenance of the playing area)

Law 11 (Covering the pitch)

Law 12 (Innings)

Law 13 (The follow-on)

Law 14 (Declaration and forfeiture)

Law 15 (Intervals)

Law 16 (Start of play; cessation of play)

Law 21 (The result)

Law 22 (The over)

Law 23 (Dead ball)

Law 24 (No ball)

Law 25 (Wide ball)

Law 31 (Timed out)

Law 36 (Leg before wicket)

Law 37 (Obstructing the field)

Law 39 (Stumped)

Law 42 (Fair and unfair play)

The following Laws of Cricket shall apply as written. The links below are to the official MCC page for each Law.

Law 4 (The scorers)

Law 6 (The bat)

Law 8 (The wickets)

Law 17 (Practice on the field)

Law 18 (Scoring runs)

Law 19 (Boundaries)

Law 20 (Lost ball)

Law 26 (Bye and Leg bye)

Law 27 (Appeals)

Law 28 (The Wicket is down)

Law 29 (Batsman out of his ground)

Law 30 (Bowled)

Law 32 (Caught)

Law 33 (Handled the ball)

Law 34 (Hit the ball twice)

Law 35 (Hit wicket)

Law 38 (Run Out)

Law 40 (The wicket-keeper)

Law 41 (The fielder)


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