2017 Laws of Cricket – training session in Townsville

Rob Dunbar (QC Umpire Development and Support Manager) is doing his annual regional tour to work with umpires. As you maybe aware there are major changes to the Laws of Cricket as we currently know them. With this in mind, Rob has decided to open the training to anyone and everyone involved in Cricket who needs to know the Laws.

The Townsville session will be held on August 5 (9am to 5pm) and 6 (9am to 2pm) at the Townsville RSL Club.

Registrations are on-line via the Community Cricket site. www.community.cricket.com.au/umpire/courses

As mentioned this course is not only for umpires, as players, scorers and coaches need to understand the changes to the Laws of Cricket.

With the volume of information, the seminar is being run over 2 days, with Laws 1-40 on day one and Laws 41 & 42 on day two along with a standardised Suspect Action policy and report form.



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