Canteen operator wanted

Position Vacant

Canteen Operations – Endeavour Park central pavilion

Following the retirement of Paulene Wiltshire  Townsville Cricket is now looking for someone, person or persons, to take over the role of Canteen Operations. This role can be filled by one or a number of people.

The role will be to run and operate the canteen at our main pavilion at the Endeavour Park centre canteen facility for allocated games or events on behalf of Townsville Cricket.

During the cricket season this would be for Saturday and Sunday and the possibility of special events that may occur.

The role would carry remuneration support.

If you have an interest in cricket and also have interest in running a canteen and having the opportunity to be involved in establishing  a menu of goods for sale that provides variety that will attract all members and visitors to purchase goods from canteen then this role is for you. The role would suit all people from young teenagers through to retirees looking to the opportunity to still be involved in a community sport. Unfortunately as the canteen is licensed you need to be over 18 to apply.

With the season about to be upon us this is a role we are keen to fill.

If you would like more information please contact either Peter or Ross on the contact details below. This role is ready to start.

Peter Fry – President Townsville Cricket       M: 0439 748760 E:

Ross Shaw – Secretary Townsville Cricket  M: 0438 154202  E:


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