Spirit of Cricket in Townsville

In Townsville Cricket the Captains have agreed and are responsible for ensuring the Spirit of the Game as outlined below shall be upheld:

The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the Laws.

According to the Laws the umpires are the sole judge of fair and unfair play. The umpires may intervene at any time and it is the responsibility of the captain to take action where required.


  • Captain and Coach only should inspect the wicket or be near wicket area, within 30 minutes of play.
  • Players should not hit up against pickets; quite simply they break.


  • Prior to tossing the captains should be dressed in their team shirt (polo or playing) and wearing team cap.
  • Both Captains should introduce themselves to the umpires
  • The home captain (first in the draw) should provide the coin and toss, Away captain Calls
  • Coin toss must be done in the middle, not on the sideline, if game prior or time permits.
  • On leaving the field the captains should provide the scorers with opposing team’s list


  • Umpires should enter field first
  • No player should be warming up on field as umpires enter
  • The captain of the fielding team should enter the field with team behind
  • Batters should be ready to enter the field together after the fielding team.


  • Batters should leave the field before fielders
  • The fielding team should all be ready to cross the line together not whoever is the closest to the gate leaves first
  • The captain should appoint those that do well, normally best bowler/s, to cross line first.


  • Players can take drinks off the field, 5 minutes from the time leaving to being back on the field ready to resume play
  • There is no problem with players receiving drinks or bottles from the boundary line as long as play is not delayed


  • Captains need to ensure players who are required to umpire act in the correct manner and adjudicate decisions fairly and in the spirit of the game.
  • Captains only to engage umpires with decisions made during the game
  • At the conclusion of play it is encouraged captains and umpires discuss the days play to assist with improving the quality of the game.
  • Captains to complete umpire report and provide comment.


  • Captains need to show leadership, respect and be a role model for all players, scorers, umpires, volunteers and spectators.
  • Captains need to be accountable for themselves and their player’s behavior.
  • Work with the scorer to calculate Duckworth-Lewis, if required.
  • Ensure team sheets and scores uploaded to MyCricket are correct and complete

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