Queensland v NSW Schoolboys to be played in Townsville

On the 10th – 13th of December, Queensland will be playing NSW in the annual interstate schoolboys challenge at TONY IRELAND STADIUM.

On the 10th (monday) will be a day night match starting at about 2:00pm. The other 3 days are a 3 day match.

Many of these players are current state reps and are included in the states respective open mens squads. Some players who have gone through this system in the past have been:

  • Martin Love
  • Andrew Symonds
  • Mark and Steve Waugh
  • Adam Gilchrist
  • Shane and Brett Lee
  • Jimmy Maher
  • Matthew Mott

to name just a few.

If you could advertise these games on your club websites and give it a plug in your newsletters that would also be great. Entry of course will be free.

This is the first time something like this has been held outside of Brisbane so we need to get behind it. Local junior Sam Rowley (Wests) will be playing for Queensland.


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